“Led by The Spirit – Strive not to compromise”.


Connecting to God

  • Building our lives upon the uncompromise – infallible principles of the Word of God and establish a personal relationship with God.
  • Being transformed by the manifest presence of God through His Word by believing in and living by the Word of God.
  • Strive to live a life that is led by The Spirit of God & not through religious doctrines.
  • Focusing on the exaltation of God, not the entertainment of man.
  • Having the fear of the Lord and honoring His presence.
  • Being dependent upon the Holy Spirit’s presence.
  • Expecting the natural flow of the gifts of the Spirit.


Connecting to one another

At Local Church

  • Being a spiritual family where homes and relationships are nurtured, and each person has a vital role, including believers from different cultural, ethnic, social, generational and educational backgrounds.


At Bible Study

  • Where loving relationship is built and spiritual life is nurtured.

                        Project Nehemiah Bible Study – in Concord, CA. (Nehemiah chapter 3 & 4)

                         Project Isaiah Bible Study – in Pleasanton, CA. (Isaiah chapter 61)

  • To Re-Build the broken Jerusalem (Restoration of all broken Christian’s life & beliefs)
  • Seek God’s approval vs. man’s approval.
  • Recognizing spiritual authority and covering through covenantal relationships.
  • Fulfilling God’s purposes as generations of all ages work together for His Kingdom.
  • Understanding that our children and youth are the Church future generation’s leaders.
  • Building for future generations – Preaching the uncompromised message of the Gospel with integrity & truth.
  • Submitting to the Bible as the final authority in all matters of life.


At Prayer Meeting

  • Prayers are individually and corporately lifted up as our petition for the entire Body of Christ, families, loved ones and others.


Concord City Blessing Church

Service Every Sunday – 5.30 PM

First Presbyterian Church Building – Fireside Room #107

1965 Colfax St, Concord, CA 94520